Tuesday, February 2, 2010

inflatable structure

Construction process
1. Robots shape ground for construction while compacting soil to provide stability and flatten interior walking paths

2. Robots create substructure and edge support by positioning themselves on along edges of site plan

3. Un-inflated tensile structure printed on ground in dome shape. Material: inflatable, pressurized, tensile structure using fiber composites

4. Airmuscles printed around periphery of fabric, and constrain fabric to acheive various forms

5. Substructure is pressurized via robots, lifting inflatable and constrained structure

6. Interior double-skin is internally filled with structural foam capsule that breaks with pressurization

7. 3d printers print and build internal volumes repeating steps 3-5

Pro: large volumes can be enclosed, easy to transport, cheap

Inflatables material shields radiation and creates a pressurized environment.

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