Wednesday, January 27, 2010

connections and inflatability here is the 3d printers print a field of rings with intelligent placement of threaded connections and intelligent systems between the rings. The connections are longer or shorter, as the tolerance of the connection informs the heights of the rings. The rings are then threaded by a pliable rib system. The printers proceed to compress the field of rings and ribs to create a domelike structure, which is then staked in the floor. Each ring of the structure individually inflates, creating a fully pressurized and enclosed environment.

After reading I realized a need for the following, which I respond to by topping the rings with an inflatable and conical membrane.
-Radiation management
-Vibration + noise control
-Thermal management

Also, solar panels on exterior of inflatables. Coool.

Conceptual hysical model coming soon! I promise!

Connections derived from the scaffold

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